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What we do .
  We provide training to communicators on various aspects of communication strategy and measurement and training on how to conduct focus groups. Training sessions run from one-hour lectures to multi-day workshops filled with interactive exercises where participants leave with the beginnings of their own plans and measurements in hand.

Training sessions can be organized to cover any one or a combination of the following topics:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Stakeholder assessment.
  • Setting measurable objectives.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of messages.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of communication channels.
  • Measuring outcomes and calculating return on investment.
  • Conducting executive interviews.
  • Conducting focus groups.
  • Developing and administering surveys.
  • Analyzing and reporting survey results.
  • Conducting a benchmark study.

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How we're
  • We provide practical training with ideas you can implement as soon as the training is over.
  • Participants begin doing their own measurements or developing their own strategic plans during the training.
  Strategic planning training: One client's company is highly decentralized, with communicators in the field reporting to the regional business unit heads instead of the corporate communication office. The corporate office provided a full-day training session on strategic planning to communicators in each of their regions. Each region's communicators worked together in the participatory exercises to develop strategic plans based on their own unit's business goals. By the end of the training sessions, all the communicators were using a common approach and template for communication planning, which has had lasting value in cross-regional initiatives.

Measurement training: For three different clients, we developed a training session on communication measurement in two sections. The first section was on a higher level appropriate to the entire communication department. Then the second session provided more "how-to" information for the professional and managerial staff while the others attended alternate training sessions. Additional variations for two of these sessions included:

  • An analysis of the company's strategic plan and the type of measurements that would be most appropriate.
  • An analysis of a case study of a recent communication program to assess how they could have built more measurements into the way they usually approach a campaign.

Adjunct communicator training: A company had initiated a quality improvement program that relied on frequent communication with employees in all of its plants. However, the corporate communicators didn't have enough resources to provide the operational communications support needed. They recruited employees at each site who volunteered, with the approval of their supervisors, to spend about 20% of their time in communication support activities that ranged from keeping bulletin boards updated to editing newsletters to conducting employee meetings. We developed a joint training program with the corporate staff. They provided training on how to do the communication; we provided training on how to make sure the communications were effectively helping improve the company's quality measures.


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Focus Group Training


What this training involves

What it will do for you Price for training only Price with
A one-day, hands-on workshop for 6 to 12 people that demonstrates the right ways and the wrong ways to conduct focus groups, including:
  • Building rapport.
  • Engaging the quieter participants.
  • Restraining the participants who try to dominate the discussion.
  • Probing underlying issues.
  • How to know when to stay on track or when to probe an important tangent.
  • How to gain maximum candor.

- Prepare you and others in your organization to conduct focus groups with greater skill and objectivity.

- Avoid conducting focus groups that result in people leaving the session feeling worse than they entered it.

- Help you pull out the really important information you need from your audience in an actionable way.

$5,000 per day of on-site training
Training price plus time and materials, as needed

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