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 Do-it-yourself Communication Audit Kits

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 1. Internal Communication SWOT
* Analysis Kit

What this Starter Kit Includes

A list of nearly 100 statements
( see samples ) about the current and ideal status of internal communication at your company, formatted in a table suitable for check-marking. The statements are intended for discussion in a group setting with a number of managers who have ownership in communication, such as communicators in different units of your company, as well as people in other departments whose work touches employee communication, such as Human Resources and Marketing. The discussion helps to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the current communication system, as well as the opportunities and threats facing it from without. The communicators then fill in supporting details about the company's communication environment to personalize the analysis. The results of this Kit can be used in the online Strategic Planning tool.

What it will do for your company
By building a common understanding of the current communication environment:

  • The communicators will have a consensus on what needs to be retained and changed about the communication system, which will avoid day-to-day struggles with multiple departments making decisions based only on their own perspectives.
  • The communicators will be able to pinpoint areas for objective research where different parties currently disagree because they're making judgments based only on gut feelings.
CD-ROM . SK401.
*Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
 Do-it-yourself Communication Audit Kits

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