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 Do-it-yourself Communication Audit Kits

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  4. Executive Interview & Employee Focus Group Discussion Guides

What this Starter Kit Includes
Highly formatted discussion guides for the communicators to use in interviewing executives and conducting employee focus groups on the current state of internal communication and what the ideal would look like in terms of messages, channels and business outcomes of communication. Different combinations of questions are suggested for interviews of either 30 or 60 minutes and focus groups from one to two hours long. The focus group guide includes questions for aided and unaided recall of messages in a key employee publication. Also included are guidelines for administering focus groups and sample materials for inviting participants and notifying their managers. See Samples

What it will do for your company

  • Gives communicators the right questions to ask senior management that open a dialogue about the business impact communication can have.
  • The information gathered can be used for tailoring the Internal Communication Audit Survey to focus on the right aspects of your own communication program.
  • The special formatting of the discussion guides makes it easy for multiple teams of people to conduct the interviews and focus groups in a consistent way.
  CD-ROM . SK404.

 Do-it-yourself Communication Audit Kits

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