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 Do-it-yourself Communication Audit Kits

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  6. Internal Communication Audit Survey

What this Starter Kit Includes

A master survey with suggested questions on communication environment, information gaps on key topics, current and preferred sources, and effectiveness of communication channels, including in-depth questions on publications, intranets and face-to-face communication ( see samples ). Also included are:
  • Instructions for communicators on how to pretest the survey.
  • Instructions to provide to a data processing firm (or your own in-house research group) on how the data should be reported back.
  • Tips if you are administering the survey online.

What it will do for your company

  • Helps communicators gather the right kinds of actionable information needed to start or improve a communication program.
  • Provides a baseline to measure your current status and future improvements.
  • Helps communicators prioritize which communication interventions will make the most difference to your audiences.
  • If the communicators provide a copy of your results to us, we can also provide database comparisons with other organizations on comparable questions.
  CD-ROM . SK406.

 Do-it-yourself Communication Audit Kits

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