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 Do-it-yourself Communication Audit Kits

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  7. Internal Communication Audit Survey Report Template

What this Starter Kit Includes

A template in PowerPoint with master slides for each category of questions in the Communication Audit Survey. The slides include preformatted bar charts, pie charts and tables just waiting for the communicators to type in survey data. Bullet points of text advise the communicators of what types of analytical conclusions to look for and make in various parts of the report. See samples

What it will do for your company

  • Helps communicators pick out the most important numbers from the computer data report.
  • Helps communicators quickly and accurately present survey findings to senior management in a highly visual and focused way.
  • Helps communicators make recommendations in a way that is more likely to result in actions being taken by various stakeholders in the employee communication process.
  CD-ROM . SK407.

 Do-it-yourself Communication Audit Kits

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